Too Many Thoughts

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Tired of the silence

I've been having too many thoughts as of late.

For those who have been following me, they'll know that I have a history of sharing my thoughts - especially political ones.

I even wrote a blog with a good friend, but that soon died.

In college I would take to Facebook for political posts and conversation. But I soon grew tired of all the babel. I would feel burned or burnt out. So I naturally stopped paying attention and pretended not to care. Who needs the stress? I needed to focus on my career anyway.

But as I've recently started a new job and live in a new city, I find myself turning to the news again (probably to occupy my mind). Not to mention my newfound passion for cryptocurrency naturally has me glued to the ticker. I'm not in it to make a quick buck, really.

More and more I read about developments in "net neutrality", emerging cryptocurrencies, attempts to regulate them, and the ever-changing regulatory landscape around digital privacy. Too often have I become frustrated with the discourse surrounding these events - feeling voiceless in the process.

It's time I break my own silence.

As you read what I have to say, know that this is actually an attempt maintain my sanity, not thwart it.

What to expect

I hope to bring my perspective to current events. I'm particularly interested in law and politics surrounding technology, but I don't shy away from other topics.

I want to educate and persuade. Whether or not you currently care, your privacy is being encroached on every single day. It's time you took steps to protect yourself from prying eyes - even if you trust the current folks in political office.

I'm also a software engineer. So expect posts on web technologies and how I think it best to use them.