Will Mruzek

Software Engineer • Filmmaker • Entrepreneur

Austin, TX

Web development

I can build full web applications, like Trello, Slack, or your favorite web mail client.

I have a breadth of experience to tackle the problem you're solving for.

I've built both front-end and backend systems. Solving the needs of various businesses and customers.

For those who speak geek, I've worked with:

JavaScript (ES6), ReactJS, Redux, Flow (typed JS), ImmutableJS, SocketIO, jQuery, BackboneJS, MarionetteJS, AngularJS, Jasmine, Jest, Mocha, SASS, Styled Components, CSS, Gulp, Babel, Webpack, Grunt, RequireJS, r.js, Python, Twisted, PHP, Laravel, CakePHP, Redis, and MySQL.

Mobile development

I can offer full cross-platform mobile app development using React Native.

This means faster development for both Android and iOS from one codebase while maintaining a "native" experience.

I'm also open to working on new mobile projects in native languages like Swift or Kotlin.

Custom development

After coding for several years, I've found that I enjoy a variety of projects. In that spirit, I've branched out to micro-controller development and am experimenting with creative coding.

Whether you're looking to build the next retail gadget or need a one-off data processing script, I can help.

You can see an example of such a project here:
Rainbow LED Music Visualizer

At Duo Security (part of Cisco Systems Inc.), I had the pleasure of working on their admin panel security administrators use to monitor and configure their users and devices. My main project was modernizing and unifying the table and reporting UI to a ReactJS infrastructure. This included modifying the main UI framework we built to fit the varied needs of the panel as well as manually converting over each page's reporting UI on both the backend and frontend. This also included a reusable testing framework for ease of testing the over 25 of pages that needed to be converted.

ReactJSJavascript (ES6)CSSFluxSASSPythonTwisted

Full-time Job

Senior Software Engineer

Nov 2018 - Jun 2019 (8 mos)

At Spredfast, I worked on the social care product called Agent Inbox. Used by big brands like Target and Bank of America, this app integrated with the many social networking sites out there, like Facebook and Twitter, to help care teams address customer requests through those channels.

Specifically, I worked on the core messaging UI, routing engine UI, and the Salesforce integration using all the best testing and coding practices we have today.

I also contributed to cross-team efforts, like a ReactJS UI library that provided a single-set of components used throughout the suite of Spredfast products.

Lastly, I mentored other engineers in best practices in React, Redux, functional programming, styling, and typed JS.

ReactJSReduxJavascript (ES6)FlowImmutableJSSASS

Full-time Job

Senior Software Engineer

Jun 2017 - Nov 2018 (1 yr 6 mos)

This was a client and business portal servicing the various needs of Skybound's search engine optimization business.

This meant that customers could order new services, pay monthly for their campaigns based on the number of optimized keywords, communicate with the team for their specific needs, and monitor how their campaigns were doing.

The system also helped out the executive, sales, and operations teams with their daily tasks.

ReactJSReduxJavascript (ES6)SASSWebpack
LaravelPHPMySQLSocketIORedisStripe Payments


I had the chance at CloudPassage to bring their next-generation user interface to life.

Previously, the app had been a Ruby-on-Rails "monolith". They were looking to split the front-end and the back-end into their own services.

My work included building their new UI from the ground up. This included their new drill-down UX philosophy, allowing users to see the security of their network from a birds-eye view while being able to drill down to a specific virtual machine when necessary.

AngularJSJavascript (ES6)Flux patternSASSGulp

Full-time Job

Front End Software Engineer

Sep 2014 - Jul 2015 (11 mos)

I was Humble's first front-end focused software engineer.

There, I helped architect an internal-facing layout system used to display the majority of landing pages and promotions. I built and unit tested partner-facing dashboard with AngularJS that manages store and widget products.

I also helped modernize the front-end workflow with SASS, Grunt, RequireJS / r.js, and component-based architecture.

BackboneJSJQueryAngularJSJavaScript (ES5)
Google App EngineGoogle Datastore

Full-time Job

Software Engineer (Front End)

Dec 2013 - Sep 2014 (10 mos)

At Glerb, I took the budding jQuery-based UI, and evolved it into a BackboneJS and MarrionetteJS application. This was in addition to making modifications to the backend in CakePHP and MySQL as well as setting up a deploy pipeline for the project.

I had the wonderful chance of working with UX designers of the IU School of Informatics, Computing & Engineering and Marty Siegel, the mastermind of the project.


Full-time Job

Lead Developer

May 2013 - Dec 2013 (8 mos)

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